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October 1, 2019

Watercolors are fascinating to work with in that you really don’t know what the painting will look like until it dries. My subjects are of things in life that bring me great pleasure, and I strive to include intricate details in each one. I hope when you look at one of my paintings, you can find the fun in what I’m capturing. I want you to be able to put yourself into the artwork and take a moment to…. relax. Be in the moment of the painting.

This is an exciting time of the year!  Now that the days are getting shorter, I find myself spending more time on painting and experimenting with new techniques.  The freshness of the fall air, the abundant colors of the leaves, and the thrill of football season all compel me to accomplish something in watercolor.

Some wonderful news as well!!  I have been juried into the Madison Watercolor Society! 

Comprised of experienced, talented artists, this organization will no doubt be beneficial to me as a relatively new watercolor painter.  I’m looking forward to attending workshops, networking, and having my work critiqued at the monthly meetings.  

Game Day

My latest painting… these two brother are heading to a Chicago Cubs game.  It’s probably the first time they’ve been to Wrigley Field. Of course, they’re hoping to catch a foul ball or perhaps get to talk to a player.

This painting is 15” X 19” on Arches cold pressed paper.  It is framed with no mat, in a barn-worn navy blue frame. 

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