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January 15, 2020

From the day I set up my little work area up in our family room, I’ve been storing things here and there around the room.  Things like spare staples, hanging wire, labels, screwdrivers, stickers, tape, etc. Well today, I went to Target and brought a 3 drawer plastic organizer thing, and spent an entire afternoon putting things where they belong.  What an incredible feeling!  I’ve also had some paintings laying around from recent shows, and I found places to store those.  The room has been transformed!  It’s inviting and cozy and a happy space now.  

Shows are starting to line up for this year, and I’ll keep updating the page as I learn of new ones.  Please check back often.

So far, I’ve painted 2 pictures using black watercolor paper and I’m fasinated with it!  It’s definitely a learning curve, and since this type of paper is so new, there’s not a lot out there yet to help learn.  I may be a pioneer!   I found a photo I took last year in Sarasota, Florida  that I believe would make a great reference photo candidate for a painting on black paper.   In my mind, I can see how to transform the photo into a cool painting.  I’ve updated the “Work in Progress” page with the sketch I created for starters. 

Being a part of the watercolor artist community is a blessing!  I’ve met incredible artists, have been given opportunities to share my work, and have access to great instructional classes given by the best of the best.  

I love watercolor in that you never know what the final painting will look like until the paint dries.  Each painting I do is a part of me, an expression of the fun I find all around.  I strive to include intricate details into each one, capturing the moment.  I hope you enjoy my paintins.  I hope they make you smile and relax, helping you to find fun in the moment.