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February 2, 2020

  I just finished a painting… “Cactus Flowers”.  It’s only the third one I’ve done using black watercolor paper.  It’s definitely a challenge to use!  The colors get lost on the paper, and I’ve found that to make them pop, you first need to put down a decent layer of Chinese White.  One of the things I love is how you can bring the black forward to create a nice sense of depth.  Not every painting will work on black paper, and that’s the first challenge, to select a subject that will be enhanced by having been painted on black. The second challenge is to have it look ’normal’, as the shadows need to be created without relying on just dark colors.  I’m going to continue to use black paper for a few more paintings and practice getting better.

I’ve applied to several art fairs this coming season and am still waiting to hear back if I am accepted on a few of them.  It’s very competitive, and I have a lot to learn about how to display my work.  

I love watercolor in that you never know what the final painting will look like until the paint dries.  Each painting I do is a part of me, an expression of the fun I find all around.  I strive to include intricate details into each one, capturing the moment.  I hope you enjoy my paintins.  I hope they make you smile and relax, helping you to find fun in the moment.