As a young girl, I had quite a menagerie growing up.  Everything from snakes to rabbits to chameleons to chickens.  Animals have their own story to tell and I’ve attempted to capture the fun of each animal I’ve painted. 

Select any image to see a larger version. All these paintings are available for sale… please contact me via email or phone using the information below. The cost does not include shipping. You can also follow my "Art Festivals" page to see where I’ll be setting up shop this year. Thank you!

Unless specified, all paintings made using Arches cold press paper and professional watercolor inks, which are made to last many years. Each is professionally framed, some matted.


I noticed these two while visiting Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, WI. They looked like they were telling each other the funniest jokes! There’s nothing better than a good belly laugh. 2017. Painting size: 12”X16”. Matted frame size: 19”X23". $350.

Savannah (SOLD)

A new technique I learned at a recent class - using negative space. This zebra was a stuffed specimen at a NYC museum, and I thought he made a perfect candidate for this type of painting. 2019. Painting size: 9” X 12”. $250.


This is the result of another technique I learned in class… splattering the paint and then seeing an image emerge.  This elephant is rampaging through the jungle! 2019. Painting size: 9” X 12”. $250.