Everyone has a story to tell.   People are wonderful subjects, although it’s challenging to capture their individual personalities in the moment of the painting. I spend a lot of time funneling the energy I feel from the subject into the paintbrush.  I want you to feel that you know the subject by studying the painting. 
Select any image to see a larger version. All these paintings are available for sale… please contact me via email or phone using the information below. The cost does not include shipping. You can also follow my "Art Festivals" page to see where I’ll be setting up shop this year. Thank you!

Unless specified, all paintings made using Arches cold press paper and professional watercolor inks, which are made to last many years. Each is professionally framed, some matted.

Puddle Jumping

My grandchildren needed new rain boots and being an awesome grandma, we went shopping.  They immediately put them on and tested them out by jumping in puddles in the parking lot. 2017. 14” X 11”. Matted frame size: 25” X 22". $415

Renaissance Girl

This young girl was dressed for the Renaissance Festival in Shokepee, Minnesota. She found a sizable mud puddle and started to make a small sculpture. 2017. Painting size: 11”X14”. Matted frame size: 22”X25". $415

Silent Marionette (SOLD)

Tucked away in a German castle we were touring in Salzburg, Austria, this wonderfully preserved marionette seemed to have a lot of stories to tell! 2017. 12”X16”. $395

Flower Basket

The colors of the fresh summer flowers as well as the line of the woman’s form inspired this painting.  She was dressed for the Renaissance Festival in Shokepee, MN.  2017. Painting size: 11”X14”. Matted frame size: 16”X19". $375.


Four friends enjoying the sights together while on vacation.  They were looking at a castle in Germany.   2017. Painting size: 10”X14”. Matted frame size: 16”X20". $395


This painting isn’t for sale…. it’s of my husband, Tom!  I did this as part of homework for a class I recently attended.  

Rainy Day

Even the rain could not distract from the fun of NYC.  Once across the street, we bought a couple of jumbo hot dogs.   2019. Painting size: 12” X 20”. Matted frame size: 16”X24". $415.

Game Day

Going to see the Cubs play with your little brother is quite a thrill!  These two Cub fans were headed to Wrigley Park on a warm summer night. 2019. Painting size: 15” X 19”.  $350.