All the following paintings are created using Arches 130 lb. cold pressed paper (unless otherwise noted) and high quality watercolor paints, designed to last for many years.  They are professionally framed and matted where noted. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing an original watercolor painting.  

All paintings (except those on black paper) are available as limited, numbered signed prints as well (8” X 10” for $25.  11” X 14” for $40), which includes tax and shipping.  

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Red Chair

While in Nashville, looking for the American Pickers antique shop, we were walkiing through a huge building that contained many individual small stores that lined a long wide main aisle. I was going along at a pretty fast pace, trying to find the right shop, peeking in each one as I went by and I literally stopped in my tracks when I saw this gorgeous red leather chair sitting in the sunshine. It was beautiful!! This painting is based on that red chair. 2020. Professionally framed and matted. 25” X 17”. $375.

Renaissance Girl

This young girl was dressed for the Renaissance Festival in Shokepee, Minnesota. She found a sizable mud puddle and started to make a small sculpture. 2017. Framed and matted. 22” X 25". $315


This piece was created for a surreal gallery show this summer.  The idea was to morph tears into a Hershey Kiss, but of course, much more was added once I got started. This was a really fun piece to do and certainly out of my comfort zone.   2023. 16” X 20”. Framed and protected by wax medium. NFS

Rainy Day

Even the rain could not distract from the fun of NYC. Once across the street, we bought a couple of jumbo hot dogs. 2019. Framed and matted. 16”X24". $415.



Rainy Lake





During a week of snow, cold, and freezing temperatures, it felt like a good time to remember how wonderful sunshine was. That was the inspiration for this painting. 2021. 14 ½” X 23”. Winner of State Award, Wisconsin Regional Art Program. Professionally framed and matted. $450.


While having an exquisite lunch at the Culinary Institute of America in NY, we were able to see behind the glass window the students working on creating fabulous deserts. I loved the reflections on the glass, and captured those in this painting, created on Fabriano 140 lb cold press paper. 2022. 12 1/2” X 15 1/2”. Professionally framed and matted. $400.

I Take Thee

A surreal painting created for an exhibit in 2021- this started out when I thought about how a penguin looks like he is wearing a tuxedo and, well, it kind of took off from there! 2020. Framed. 11” X 17”. NFS.

Black Paper Paintings

Stonehedge Aqua released a new watercolor paper a few years ago that was jet black, cotton paper 130 lb with the same qualities as Arches.  It has been a challenge and thrill to use this new paper!  Below are the paintings I’ve created using black watercolor paper.  The same watercolor paints are used, meaning these paintings will last for many years.


The sun was just peeking over the mountains in Moab, Utah as we waited for the van that would take us to the site for our hot air balloon ride over Arches National Park. It was a surreal few seconds when everything seemed to stand still… this painting is based on that feeling. 2021. Framed.11” X 14”. $350.

European Coffee

Absolutely the best coffee I ever had! Even the instant served in the hotels was better than the best cáfe coffee around here. Stonehedge Aqua 130 lb black paper. 2020. Professionally framed and matted. 15” X 20”. $370.


This painting is the result of a challenge for a gallery show - to create a square painting with a theme of ‘Circle of Life’. I used Stonehedge Aqua Black 130lb paper, which gives a nice background for the colors. 2019. Framed. 12”X12”. $250.


This was a consignment piece, but I loved how it turned out, and I wanted to show the power of using black watercolor paper. NFS.

Winter Night


Cactus Flowers

These beautiful glass sculptures were on display in a Sarasota, Florida location that I was touring with a friend, and I thought a reference to them would make a lovely watercolor painting. I took several pictures and used them as a guide in painting this on black Stonehedge Agua 130 lb cold pressed paper. 2020. Framed. 16” X 20”. $350.