Select any image to see a larger version. All these paintings are available for sale… please contact me via email or phone using the information below. The cost does not include shipping. You can also follow my "Art Festivals" page to see where I’ll be setting up shop this year. Thank you!

Unless specified, all paintings made using Arches cold press paper and professional watercolor inks, which are made to last many years.  Each is professionally framed, some matted.


Flower Basket

The colors of the fresh summer flowers as well as the line of the woman’s form inspired this paintingl. 2017. Painting size: 11”X14”. Matted frame size: 16”X19". $375.

Ghent, Belgium

Sitting at an outdoor cafe, looking at the glorious sky in Ghent, Belgium, reminded me of the power vacations have on our lives. 2017. 12”X16”. $395.


I noticed these two while visiting Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, WI. They looked like they were telling each other the funniest jokes! There’s nothing better than a good belly laugh. 2017. Painting size: 12”X16”. Matted frame size: 19”X23". $350.

Nuremberg, Germany

Our family crossed this bridge while celebrating a reunion. Nuremberg’s history contains an impact never to be forgotten. 2018. 18”X17 ½”. $350.

Silent Marionette (SOLD)

Tucked away in a German castle, this old marionette seemed to have a lot of stories to tell! 2017. 12”X16”. $395


Four friends enjoying the sights together while on vacation. 2017. Painting size: 10”X14”. Matted frame size: 16”X20". $395

Renaissance Girl

This young girl was dressed for the Renaissance Festival in Shokepee, Minnesota. She found a sizable mud puddle and started to make a small sculpture. 2017. Painting size: 11”X14”. Matted frame size: 22”X25". $415


While touring a castle in Europe, I glanced out an upper window into this small patio area. No one was allowed there. I wondered where that large, wooden door led. 2017. 9 ½” X 13 ½”. $325.

State Fair

The smell of the food, bustle of the midway, the laughter and fun conversations all make the State Fair a magical place! This food cart on the midway represents those fun times…. I’d wait in line for a deep fried Twinkie any day! 2017. Painting size: 8”X10”. Matted frame size: 13 ½”X16 ½". $325.

The Big Easy

We’ve been to New Orleans twice, and it is one of my favorite cities! I wanted this painting to capture the spirit and fun of New Orleans. The colors are vibrant and alive and the image is a bit spooky. Just like the city! 2018. 14” X 10”. $375.

The Jersey Shore

While on vacation at Point Pleasant, NJ with our grandkids, I saw this incredible Tiki Bar not far from where we settled on a sandy blanket under a blue and white beach umbrella. Ahh… summer fun! 2019. 16” X 20”. $350.


This is my first attempt at a splatter type painting.  I could imagine a rampaging elephant busting through the jungle once the splatter dried.  Painting size: 12” X 16”.  Matted frame size: 16” X 20”. $250.

Commissioned Work

Winsor Castle

My husband’s cousin asked me to paint this based off a beautiful photo she took while on vacation in England.

This is the first painting I did using hot pressed paper, and it was a bit challenging. The paint sets quickly leaving little time to blend… but it ended up working well for this subject type.

2019. 11” X 14"