Next Painting

This is my second surreal painting.  I started by thinking about how penguins look like they are wearing a tuxedo.  Then, I thought about weddings, with flower girls.  One thing led to another, and I had an idea about painting a very strange wedding!  Having things in your head is one thing, but making it physically like you imagined is entirely different.  Here we go!!

Sketching it out

Originally, I was thinking of including a minister to perform the ceremony (a big snake with a judge head), but it seemed too crowded.  I like the simplicity of the wedding party alone.

I’ve thought a while about the background, and how I want it to look.  Purple and blue and maybe a bit of a red tint wash behind the characters.  Also, I’m thinking of scrubbing in musical notes that look three dimentional.  I know it all sounds weird, but I can see it in my head.  We’ll see if I can translate what’s in my head to the paper!

Masking Fluid

This is what masking fluid looks likeā€¦. it has many names and there are a lot of brands, too.  I’ve been using this brand for a while and it’s my favorite.  Since it has the potential to really mess up my brush, I have some brushes that I really don’t care for set aside to use for painting the masking fluid on. 

Masking the painting

This is what the painting looks like with the masking fluid painted on.  When it dries, it’s a thin layer of rubber that lets you paint over it without affectiing what’s underneath.  This way, I can paint the background and the ground without having to worry about painting around the characters.  Also, for a wash, the entire paper will be made very wet so that the paint runs.  A wash would be impossible to do if the characters were not masked first.