Next Painting

While in Nashville, TN, we went hunting for the American Pickers store.  It is part of a very large complex of antique stores and almost impossible to find unless you ask someone.  We love Mike & Frank and watching their discoveries!  I was walking down a long brick hallway, when I glanced into one of the shops.  There, against a brick wall, stood the most amazing red chair I’ve ever seen.  It was splashed with white from the incoming light source.  It was marvelous to see and I immediately thought it would make a great painting.  We shall see.

Sketching it out

As always, I first sketch out my paintings on transparent paper, so any mistakes are easily fixed before the image is transferred onto the water color paper.  This is the first sketch and I think it may be OK to use.  

I’m not going to sketch the bricks in the background, because those will be best loosely painted in.  I think they will look more authentic that way.

Since I’m out of white Arches paper, I first need to go buy some before I can transfer this image.  

Masking and Washes

I’ve masked out the highlighted areas of the chair. The floor is an old industrial concrete type, and I wanted to make it very textured.  There is still a lot of work to do.  I put a yellowish wash over the painting and once that dried well, I put another wash of reddish paint over that.  I want to remove the red to reveal the yellow undertones once I start on some details.  This has to dry completely before I do any more work.