Test Painting

This is only 5 X 9 and very rough.  I like the softness of the colors and may use that technique on the actual painting.  Since I love detail, I may just paint the gloves in great detail and leave the rest subdued. 

Game Day

I don’t know what it is, but I find looking at people from behind very interesting.  I didn’t realize this until I started looking for subjects to paint. I think I like the idea of not knowing what the people actually look like, and try to get a hint about them from observing them from behind. 

These two were heading to a Cubs game.  I love how the big brother was holding the little brother’s hand, and how gigantic the gloves were on them.  So cute!

For the first time, I created a small test painting instead of starting right in on the actual work.  I bought a portable set of watercolors from Sharp Art Gallery in Elkader, Iowa and used them…. they worked great!  I’m still decided on what size to make this painting.  


I have been asked to paint a beloved pet.  This is just the first step - the puppy is black/white, so I’m going to add a little color to make it more interesting.