Test Painting

This is only 5 X 9 and very rough.  I like the softness of the colors and may use that technique on the actual painting.  Since I love detail, I may just paint the gloves in great detail and leave the rest subdued. 

Game Day

I don’t know what it is, but I find looking at people from behind very interesting.  I didn’t realize this until I started looking for subjects to paint. I think I like the idea of not knowing what the people actually look like, and try to get a hint about them from observing them from behind. 

These two were heading to a Cubs game.  I love how the big brother was holding the little brother’s hand, and how gigantic the gloves were on them.  So cute!

For the first time, I created a small test painting instead of starting right in on the actual work.  I bought a portable set of watercolors from Sharp Art Gallery in Elkader, Iowa and used them…. they worked great!  I’m still decided on what size to make this painting.  

Larger Version

This one will be 19 X 15 on Arches cold pressed paper.  I’ve finished sketching out the image and now the fun starts!!

Little Guy

I really like the way his baseball cap turned out!  I REALLY missed working on this! It’s wonderful to sit down again and start painting.  There’s a slight undercoloring of the peach tee shirt he’s wearing that shows through the baseball shirt.  Still a LOT of work to do, but this one shouldn’t take that long.

Shading on the shirt

I still need to work on his shirt, but I’m happy with how this is turning out.  The shading on the sleeves looks too dark to me, but I like the contrast.  I think contrast is what makes a good painting even better.

I have to remember the light source (upper right) and make sure I have the right shading for that as well.  

The glove will have lots of white highlights for the stitching.  I wanted the glove to be a little dramatic.  Still have work to do on his sweatpants and of course need to start on his tennies.

Select the image to see a larger version.

Starting the older brother

I really like how the little guy turned out! His glove looked a bit flat, so I washed over parts of it with a dark purple, and that made it ‘POP’!  I’ve covered the big brother using washes for his hat, shirt, pants, and glove.  I have a nice, squared brush that was perfect for doing the stripes on his shirt. 

Agan, I used a dark purple to get his elbows looking right.  There is still a lot of detail on the older brother to complete.