Next painting….

We travelled by car to visit family in New Jersey earlier this year, and while we were there my husband made reservations at the CIA (Culinary Institute of America)!  He had been there before, but I never have.  Besides the amazing food, we had the opportunity to watch the student chefs as they worked.  

I love this photo!!  This will be my reference photo for my next painting.  The things I love about this photo are: the reflections, the bright red, and the student.  I want to make the red lights POP, and I’ll elevate the reflections.

I have yet to sketch this out and actually work on it, but I’m really thinking about the composition and I want to give it my spin on how I see it.  I’m getting away from painting a duplicate of the photo, and adding my own touches and feelings to my paintings. Check back again to see if I got started yet!