Circle/Square Challenge

During a recent Madison Watercolor Society meeting, we were given a challenge based on an idea for an unique gallery show.  

The members (I am NOT yet a member) were read a description of the challenge, which was beautifully written - a lot of time was spent on the final version!

The Challenge? 
To create a painting that is square, no more than 24 inches on each side including  any mat/frame, and depicts the circle of life. Literally and figuratively!  The painting should contain circular references and show how life carries on.

I’ve been waiting to find a suitable subject for the black watercolor paper I have, and this seems like a perfect time.  I want the sunflower to be a brillant yellow against the black.  The seeds will naturally be mostly black with subtle hints of white highlights and the little seedling will be a baby green color (think Spring). 

Even though I’m not a member, I think this is a good exercise to undertake.  I’ve put the image onto the black paper, using a white pencil.