Rainy Day

New Techniques

In the last class I took, I learned a lot of new techniques that I’m anxious to try! In this painting, I want to make it look rainy/foggy with a more abstract feel.  But, I love details so I think I’ll concentrate them on the people in the painting.

I first mask out the white lines in the crosswalk.  Then, I flood the bottom half with lots of clean water to wet the paper.  After it dries a bit, I let the paint slide over the paper.  In class, we learned to use minimum colors, so my ‘black’ is actually a combination of blue and red.

Once that dries a bit, I use a spray bottle to mottle the colors.  I then flick some red and blue randomly over the still damp paint.

Added Touches

I wanted the street to look wet and a bit reflective once I removed the mask from the white strips. I painted reflections from the people onto the street.  I like how it’s looking so far.

Storefront Windows

I wet the storefront and then let the paint run down (the people and bottom was masked so that the paint would not go there).  Once it dried, I added a few layers of yellow ochre… I love that color! For the top windows, I removed some of the paint so that it mimics reflections.  I still have a lot of work to do for both window areas.

First Pedestrian

(select to see larger image)

I’ve added lots of touches to the store front, started on the stoplight pole, and completed one of the pedestrians. I’m bad about being so detailed, and I really wanted to make this painting ‘looser’ and more not restricted.  Since the background will be a foggy day, I’m going to leave the background very unstructured (I hope). 

Making Progress

Another 2 pedestrians finished, although I still have a few details I’d like to fix on both.

Once I have the other 2 done, the rest of the painting will go relatively fast!  I’m going to be very loosey-goosey with the background.