Thursday Evening Paint-a-Longs

One of my favorite local artists, David R. Becker, hosts a paint-a-long every Thursday evening.  He has us following along on YouTube for a fun hour… he always has an alcoholic beverage to enjoy while he paints, something unusual and diverse.  He gives us a good critique of each beverage.  The nice thing about the paint-a-long, besides the obvious, is that he does his paintings in ONE hours, which is crazy!  I like to watch live to see his technique and listen to the way he processes his work, and then go back later and paint along with the video.  I can stop it when I feel like I’m getting behind, or if I would like to review something.  

David has a Facebook group, and most of us post our works as we finish them… it is really cool to see everyone’s interpretation!  They are so varied, and it’s wonderful how different artists have different ways of expressing what they see.  Below are some of my Thursday night paintings.  They are nothing more than a great way to practice and to try new things, but I certainly enjoy these lessons.  Thank you, David!

These last two…..

I used what I learned in David’s paint-a-longs to paint these last two.  The lightbulb was a challenge painting for the Madison Watercolor Society, and the seagull was a painting I did for my grandson on his birthday.  He loves seagulls.

New Painting

Last November, we went to Minnesota to bring one of my paintings to an art exhibit.  While in the area, we went to an old Indian settlement along Lake Superior.  It was fascinating to see the artifacts and the way in which these people lived.  


This drew me to it and I had to take several photos of this amazing scarecrow!  She seems to have a message.  Don’t you love the wooden spoon?  And the stance… just incredible.

I am planning to make this the focus of my next painting, but I’m not entirely sure of how I want to execute it.  


I’ve completed the sketch I want to use.  My thoughts were to use a pour technique for the corn stalks.  I’m going to practice doing that on scrap paper a few times until I’m comfortable doing that.  I’m still thinking about the background.  At first, I thought a full harvest moon would look good, with long moon shadows.  Or a pinkish sun rise with traces of purple and pale blue.  As you can see, I’m entirely not sure of how I want to do this painting.  

I’m planning to add an Amish horse and buggy in the background after some thought, and now I’m leaning towards a foggy summer morning.