Grand Canyon

Strike a Pose

While on summer vacation, we visited the Grand Canyon. Although I’ve seen lots of pictures of the Grand Canyon, there is nothing that can prepare you with the vast beauty, tremendous colors, and jaw dropping size of this natural wonder.

This picture will be a reference for my painting. I’m intending the focus to be on the visitors… those posing, taking pictures, admiring the views, and wandering about.  

Sketched Out

I want the background of the Grand Canyon to be pale and subdued while the foreground is bold and colorful. The shear depth of this place is unbelievable, and it will certainly be a challenge to achieve that type of look.

Shading the background

I never like how my paintings look when I start out, and have to remember that I have a long way to go.  I’m using muted colors with a lot of water at first. I’ve masked off the people and foreground rocks so that the color will glide around them.

It’s hard to not get too detailed with the canyon itself, because I want to emphasis the people and the foreground rocks.  I like how the shading is starting to look, but have a lot more to add… and keeping in mind to not go crazy.

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