New Painting

Last November, we went to Minnesota to bring one of my paintings to an art exhibit.  While in the area, we went to an old Indian settlement along Lake Superior.  It was fascinating to see the artifacts and the way in which these people lived.  


This drew me to it and I had to take several photos of this amazing scarecrow!  She seems to have a message.  Don’t you love the wooden spoon?  And the stanceā€¦ just incredible.

I am planning to make this the focus of my next painting, but I’m not entirely sure of how I want to execute it.  


I’ve completed the sketch I want to use.  My thoughts were to use a pour technique for the corn stalks.  I’m going to practice doing that on scrap paper a few times until I’m comfortable doing that.  I’m still thinking about the background.  At first, I thought a full harvest moon would look good, with long moon shadows.  Or a pinkish sun rise with traces of purple and pale blue.  As you can see, I’m entirely not sure of how I want to do this painting.