April, 2022


Time for Travel!

Recharging Creativity.

When my husband and I retired, we had a long list of places we wanted to visit… but then COVID hit, and we were sidelined for a long time.  We did manage some wonderful car trips, taking great care to stay in places that practiced COVID protocols.  

Now, we are ready to get some of those other trips made!  Starting with two weeks in London.  Travelling to other places is wonderful in so many ways.  It’s interesting to see historic places in person, to explore, to learn, and to experience.  Reading about a castle is one thing, but walking around, smelling the ancient air and feeling the cold stone floor under your shoes affords a new level of understanding.  This painting, “Sightseeing” is based on young women we saw looking at a castle in Germany, one that we had already explored.

My mind will be open to new ideas based on the sights of London and its people.  To experience this new place will wake up all my senses!  Because of our upcoming trips, I’ve not committed to many art events this year, but I do have a few lined up.  Please check out the Events page. 

In addition, my paintings, as well as prints, are available for purchase.  Thank you for spending some time here! 



Artist Statement

Finding the fun can occasionally be elusive, maybe even impossible at times. With my watercolor paintings, I capture moments to cherish, moments to relax, moments to have fun. I combine both intricate details as well as a looseness in my pieces, which allows the watercolor to find its own path. Each piece is based on a real world experience, my objective being to translate my feelings in that moment to the paper. Take your own moment to feel what I felt, to find the fun in a watercolor painting.