Commissioned Work

I really don’t like to do commissioned pieces, especially if it involves people and/or pets.  Well, I was asked by two very dear friends to create a piece for each of them, and both involved both people AND pets!  Althought I was very anxious about these, I was pleased with how they turned out - and so were my customers!  In the end, I was happy for the challenge and actually enjoyed doing these.  

Welcome 2024!

One of the best Christmas gifts I received this year was a book called “The Creative Act: A Way of Being” by Rick Rubin.  It speaks to me in that being an artist has nothing to do with being successful, or making money, or predicting what people are looking for.  Being an artist means listening to the universe, being open to ideas and thoughts, starting with a seed and nurturing it until it grows into something that is a part of you.  As I read this book, I find myself smiling and nodding with agreement.  It will have lots of markups, highlighting, and dog ear pages.  

Also, I will be participating in a 3-day online workshop in January called “Watercolor Live” and am looking forward to learning some new techniques and meeting lots of watercolorists.  Here’s to a productive year with lots of new pieces and happiness!

Finding the fun can occasionally be elusive, maybe even impossible at times. With my watercolor paintings, I capture moments to cherish, moments to relax, moments to have fun. I combine both intricate details as well as a looseness in my pieces, which allows the watercolor to find its own path. Each piece is based on a real world experience, my objective being to translate my feelings in that moment to the paper. Take your own moment to feel what I felt, to find the fun in a watercolor painting.