January, 2022

Welcome to a New Year!

A time to look ahead.

If these past couple of years have taught me anything, it is to not get sucked into negativity and dispair.  It’s so easy to scroll through endless bad news stories that make you feel hopeless.  The pandemic, fires, flooding, tornadoes…. they are all horrible realities. When I see the sadness of the people who experience these and other calamities, my heart breaks. But I also see the resilience, the hope, and the love. I see neighbors helping each other.  I see others racing to do what they can to make things better.  And I see that people are strong.  And they have faith.  

While there is no way to prevent some of these merciless events from happening, there is a way to respond to them. There is a reason to appreciate all the good that is out there in the world and to seek it out. Look past the sadness and see the hope. And see how each of us can make a difference. 

As I look ahead to 2022, I am determined to reach out and share my hopefulness.  To smile more, to listen more, to help more.  

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Artist Statement

Finding the fun can occasionally be elusive, maybe even impossible at times. With my watercolor paintings, I capture moments to cherish, moments to relax, moments to have fun. I combine both intricate details as well as a looseness in my pieces, which allows the watercolor to find its own path. Each piece is based on a real world experience, my objective being to translate my feelings in that moment to the paper. Take your own moment to feel what I felt, to find the fun in a watercolor painting.