Stonehenge Aqua Black Watercolor Paper

My first thought upon hearing about black watercolor paper was, “How is that going to work?”  Honestly, the idea of using such a transparent medium as watercolor seemed not suited to having a black canvas.  And true, my first attempts were disheartining.  But, along came Titanium White watercolor paint and that changed everything!  Mixing a bit of that with the colors caused them to be opaque enough to work.  Challenge accepted!  Working on black paper is hard for me, and I get so frustrated sometimes.  But when I find the right subject to use, one where the black will make it POP, then it is totally worth the frustration. 

Finding the fun can occasionally be elusive, maybe even impossible at times. With my watercolor paintings, I capture moments to cherish, moments to relax, moments to have fun. I combine both intricate details as well as a looseness in my pieces, which allows the watercolor to find its own path. Each piece is based on a real world experience, my objective being to translate my feelings in that moment to the paper. Take your own moment to feel what I felt, to find the fun in a watercolor painting.